Kampala, Uganda

It is becoming widely accepted that renewable fuels will be an integral part of the energy transition and circular economy of the future. Whether it be renewable diesel or sustainable aviation fuel, our ability to stop the use of these hard to abate fuels immediately is not realistic. Low to zero impact solutions for addressing this transition represent huge opportunities for energy developers.

Project Particulars

The city of Kampala in Uganda, is amongst the largest cities in Africa, with a population of approximately 1,700,000, a greater area population approaching 7,000,000 and a growth rate of approximately 4%. Kampala Capital City itself generates roughly 2,500 tons per day of municipal solid waste, of which, approximately 40% is collected. The greater area Entebbe Municipal Council (“EMC”) generates over twice this amount daily. The waste is then being disposed of, at either the overcapacity Kiteezi landfill, or by illegal methods that include illegal dumping and/or burning.

IEg believe there is a tremendous opportunity within the Entebbe region to take what would be otherwise waste and convert it into renewable fuels, all whilst creating jobs for the local economy and creating a cleaner and healthier environment for the people of Kampala and the Entebbe region.

Project Stats


Litres of clean EN590 renewable diesel annually


Tons of municipal waste diverted from dumpsites per year


Dollars in taxes paid locally


Direct, ongoing local jobs created


Indirect, ongoing local jobs created


Project Value

Project Milestones

Local Team

Saifa Sodhi

Country Manager

Ms. Sodhi is an experience manager in several startups in the sustainability, eco housing & agribusiness sectors. She has over 8 years of hospitality, wildlife conservation & project management in both North America & East Africa.