About Us

Empowering a greener, cleaner planet.

Waste-to-Energy (WtE)

The deployment of best in class Waste-to-Energy technology is a pillar of the iEg energy mix. This technology allows us to convert waste, such as plastics, wood, tires, food scraps, and even coal into clean, renewable on demand, baseload power.

Solar Energy

Solar energy has become the cheapest of all power sources available today. Its simplicity in construction allows large projects to come online in record time, at low costs.

Wind Power

Wind energy has come leaps and bounds since the early 1980’s with turbines now reaching 110m+ and technology allowing for historically unfeasible sites with lower wind speeds, now becoming economical.


The use of proprietary and patented algae bioreactors, helps iEg reduce the global CO2 footprint, one customer, at a time. Able to be attached to existing emitters systems, these units do what Mother Nature does naturally, but in a controlled environment, creating animal feed from what would otherwise contribute to global warming.

Our Mission Is Simple

We’re working to be a leader in the global transition to renewable energy by delivering cost-effective clean energy solutions, supporting local communities, conserving the environment, and energizing a sustainable world.

Community Social Responsibility

The ‘Four pillars’ of iEg’s CSR policy


iEg subscribes to the B-Corp initiative, believing a company has more than just a duty to its shareholders, but rather to the global community and the earth with which we all share.


iE creates locally tailored programs to meet local needs and have an enduring positive impact in the communities to which we work.


Every community is unique and iEg engages with them to create education programs that create a path to self-reliance.


iEg works in collaboration with community leaders and other stakeholders to deliver projects with a net positive impact to the environment we live in.

Our Leaders

It is our belief that a great company begins with even greater leadership.

Executive Team

Director & CEO

Lindsay Nagle

Mr. Nagle is an entrepreneur that has been in the electrical energy industry for over 20 years. He has a technical background and has held various management and executive roles throughout his career in Canada and internationally.

He is the founder of the ISO 9001:2015 compliant consulting engineering firm L & A Energy Consulting Ltd., which has worked with clients such as Suncor Energy, Stantec Consulting, Teshmont Engineering, BluEarth Renewables and UPC Renewables.

Lindsay's core strengths lie in meticulous attention to detail with project management, project execution and his ability to build a team of industry leaders with proven track records. He successfully leads and manages several teams on numerous projects throughout the globe.

He is an avid reader and runner. In his downtime he enjoys skiing, snowboarding, surfing and getting lost in new cultures.

Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Wright, CPA, CMA

Mr. Wright has broad experience working with senior management developing strategies and solutions to business issues mainly related to corporate finance, cost and risk management, and governance which will be invaluable in his role as the Company's Chief Financial Officer.

Mr. Wright is a Chartered Professional Accountant (Certified Management Accountant), currently serves as President and CEO of Seatrend Strategy Group and as a director for several public and private companies including: RAYL Innovations Inc., Centurion Minerals Ltd., Pontus Protein Ltd. (formerly AmWolf Capital Corp.), and Demetra Minerals Inc. Mr. Wright previously served as a director of TGS Esports Inc., Gold Mountain Mining Corp. (formerly Freeform Capital Partners Inc.), Pacific Community Resources Society and the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association. In addition, Mr. Wright also serves as the CFO for several public and private companies, including: Alpha Cognition Inc., Centurion Minerals Ltd., Portofino Resources Inc. He was previously the CFO for Avant Brands (formerly GTEC Cannabis Co.)

Mr. Wright also holds a Bachelor of Arts, with honours in Environmental Economics, from Brock University.

He keeps very busy by his amazing wife, three daughters, Minou the cat and somehow find time mountain biking, downhill skiing and trail running.

Chief Strategy Officer

Dr. Jahan Moghadam

Dr. Moghadam has over 25 years as an executive, within the energy sector globally. He has been a key member of teams that have successfully executed business developmet, operations, and strategy on renewable energy, oil & gas, commodities, and technology projects throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas.

He previously served as COO and board member of Amira Int’l and ICCOEC, and is a current board member of various companies in the energy sector. His strengths as a leading strategic business development executive have created business opportunties and partnerships with numerous institutions, which include Petamina, Gunvor, BNP Paribas, Credit Suiss, AIG, Macquarie, Marsh, GE, Siemens, Technip, Odebrecht, and more.

Dr. Moghadam holds a B.S. with honors from James Madison University and an M.S. from the University of Virginia, a D.B.A. from Georgia State University.

He currently sits on the Advisory Board for the McIntire School at the University of Virginia and ShareACause non-profit. In his spare time, he enjoys traveling, sports, and is a major foodie.

VP Development

Dwain Boettcher

Board of Directors

Brian O'Sullivan


Mr. O’Sullivan has over 40 years of wind energy development expertise. Founder and Director of Arcos Energy and former director of Cachet Capital, Gen III Oil and UPC Renewables Mongolia.

Lindsay Nagle

Director & CEO

Founder and Director of iEg, Mr. Nagle has over 20 years of energy industry expertise, including most recently the development of the 51MW Choir Wind farm in Mongolia.

Jeremy Wright, CPA, CMA

Director, Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Wright brings over 20 years experience to the Company as President and CEO of Seatrend Strategy Group. Mr. Wright currently serves as the CFO for: Portofino Resources, Alpha Cognition, Centurion Minerals.

Ng Lip Chih


Mr. Chih is the founder and Managing Partner of NLC Law Asia LLP in Singapore. He has extensive experience in software, communications, real estate, corporate and litigation matters clients from Japan, China, Indonesia, Holland and USA.